IMG 0001The My Arms Wide Open® Foundation, was established to provide support and collaboration with mothers, children, and youth in South Africa, enabling them to build sustainable communities and responsible businesses. With stronger families, communities emerge as a solid foundation for society. In the process they re-engage fathers to repair the family unit. In our definition, mothers include women who are caring for children and include child-led households, working within the pre-teen and teen groups. Fathers include the fathers, young males and adult males within the community.

Through the My World In a Garden EcoTours we hope to enable individuals to have an experience significant enough for them to change the way they think thus driving them to do more to support the communities they live in and the communities of My Arms Wide Open.

The worldly experience that we bring to the table is that, after all is said and done, we DO all want the same things. Our goals of profit or success must be redefined to reflect our broad values. Whatʼs important is our family, our community, our people… our children. We offer our expertise and what we have learned for the whole community to benefit from and create an environment where entrepreneurs and business people are truly socially responsible and community-minded. Their communities are core benefactors of their efforts and the primary objective and focus. Profits are just one pillar in this philosophy.

Bergnek MYWIG Oct2012 005A community that embraces people for their whole lives, not for only their productive years, can be rewarded with an infinite legacy. Our goal is to use the skills and resources that currently exist within communities and create a focus to enable people to care for and nurture themselves. A real focus into the communities. We will supplement skills, education and training to mentor, teach and educate the individuals within the community and to properly equip them to sustain themselves and their communities. By working with our EcoTravel partners and participants we believe we can provide a deeper and broader platform with which to transfer skills and create connections for ongoing development within the communities of My Arms Wide Open.