Travel Periods

My Arms Wide Open will support EcoTours each quarter to build a project in one of the communities in South Africa that we are currently working in. These will typically be March, June-July, October or December each year and are jsut over two weeks in duration. Longer trips can be arranged depending on the group and the project we are undertaking at the time.

What it looks like

Each trip will consit of approximately 20-26 people including our guides and project managers, allowing for up to 12 couples or 24 individual travellers.

Day 1 - Departure from your city of residence to join your group in our North American or British convening point.

Day 2 - Departure for South Africa - Depending on the project your gorup will either fly into Johannesburg or Cape Town

Day 3 - Arrival in South Africa and a night to settle in

Day 4 - Departure and Arrival for your project destination

Day 5 - 11 - Building Your Project within the community

Day 12 - 15 - Site Seeing in Beautiful South Africa

Day 15 (evening) - Departure for your orginal convening point

Day 16 - We're back on your home soil

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