Bergnek Maria Oct2010 003The guiding principles for My World In a Garden mirror those of My Arms Wide Open amd our founder Warren Te Brugge.  “These are the principles by which I live my life and make decisions to deliver value in the eyes of the communities I serve.”

Altruistic - Helping is our service. The needs and ambitions of those we serve are the foundation of all our relationships.

Acceptance - We commit to respect all human beings equally, regardless of culture, race or religion. We will willingly embrace everyone’s unique ability, strength and character and hold all our relationships in the highest honour.

Caring - One Love, one heart. Our love for all individuals and their right to free will fuels our purpose and ensures our compassion.

Connectedness - Bringing people of communities together, looking beyond apparent boundaries to connect individuals and knowledge together, by recognizing the common threads in the greater whole and effecting change.

Collaboration - Working together within communities toward common goals and objectives, and building consensus to support them by sharing knowledge, resources and learning.

Community Consciousness
 - Movement is defined by a shift in consciousness from fear-based separatism to one that allows full expression and celebration of each individual who contributes to the wellness of the local and global community.

Opportunity - Recognizing and acting on all opportunities and circumstances in support of sustainable resource management and community development and growth.

Roots - Reconnecting to the wisdom of South Africa, redefining the value for the individual, life and generations. The individual is valuable and contributes to themselves, the people in their lives, their community and culture. Cultural tradition is the basis for developing identity and reconnecting the individual, life and future generations.