My World In a Garden’s purpose is to rebuild communities through supporting mothers, children and youth to break the chain of their parents’ past prejudice, to create community and preserve their culture. Through this process, they learn to think and make decisions for themselves. As mothers nurture their children, they support them to take control of their lives by engaging in activities that support family and community. Ultimately, this means establishing and creating socially and community responsible, beneficial and profitable businesses.


The goal of My World In a Garden is to empower the people of South Africa to grow with, interact and embrace those around them in a positive, compassionate and understanding way and to create value within their communities. This predisposes individuals to focus on the good in the people around them.

Our purpose in running our EcoTours is to give individuals the opportunity to experience the work we do for themselves and hopefully to ignite a spark in themselves to want to do more both within our communities and the communities in which they live.