My World In a Garden® builds its programs around five key causes that start with community and food security and grow from there. To learn more about each program you can visit the links to the My Arms Wide Open® foundation site:

  • My Business, My Community more >
  • My World, My Garden more >
  • My Family, My Community more >
  • My First Steps, My Path more >
  • My Mentor, My Coach more >


In each cause, our approach is to:

  • Work directly with community members: We help develop community leaders who become change agents, acting as mentors for the children, young people and mothers who want to run sustainable, community-focused enterprises.
  • Develop training curricula based on needs and priorities identified by community members.
  • Fund new businesses through an innovative small business lending program that offers alternatives for repaying loans through cash or in kind by supporting other new businesses and coaching new business owners.

Economic sustainability is built as community and business leaders emerge, and in turn, mentor and coach others in the establishment and management of new businesses and enterprises.