Our trip to Bergnek, Limpopo in South Africa October 2012 to build the first of a series of the My Arms Wide Open vertical vegetable gardens, which in South African, are called My World In a Garden, was successful! Take a look at the slide show to see how we did it and what's happening.



Thanks to each of you and your contributions, donations and support! This was a really fast turn around with only 9 days on the ground to get it all done. The GREAT news is, WE DID IT! We are attaching some pictures for you all to see and will also have a slide show available for you shortly.

Through huge rainstorms, a hailstorm with hail the size of silver dollars and power out for nearly three days, the community and our team worked tirelessly to get the garden done. The last 48 hours where sleepless and it was SO worth it.



On November 15th, 2012 we were back in Vancouver to complete a final interview for a grant to build the sister wall in Vancouver in March 2013. We are happy to report the My World, My Garden, Warren's Wall at the Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre is up and growing too! Thanks to the tremendous collaboration from within the community.

The funding we received certainly helped to get the wall built and we still need your support to keep new veggie plants coming into the vertical garden as we harvest the veggies that are growing. The first nd second harvests have already been completed! Please pass the word around, get friends involved, and get involved directly if you choose to, as a volunteer and experience it for yourself.

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Take a trip of a Lifetime and help build: MY WORLD IN A GARDEN®,Cradock