Our next My World In a Garden, South® Africa Project that you could be building with us

MWIAG Home Page Image6We know have two Vertical Garden's growing. In October 2012, My World In a Garden®, Bergnek was completed and in June 2013 we officially opened it's sister wall in the Downtown Eastside Vancovuer My World My Garden, Warren's Wall at the Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre.

We are now planning the next Vertical Veggie Garden to be built in the town of Cradock, Eastern Cape, South Africa on site at the either the Cradock Aids Hospice or at one of the creche's in the adjoining communities. If you'd like to be directly involved check out the details under 'My EcoTour - Itinerary" of the trip we are planning for those who would like to be a part of actually building the Vertical Veggie Garden for the children in Cradock as well as having an opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful sites in South Africa's Cape Province at the end of the trip. You can find details about realted fees and costs under "My EcoTour - What's Included".

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